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The public policy of the state of Washington is to protect the best interest of children whose parents have a custody or visitation matter in family court. Sometimes, based on issues of protection and safety, a judge will order that a child only have contact with a parent when a neutral third person is present during the visitation. This type of third-person visitation arrangement is often called “supervised visitation.” Most parents are unhappy that they must visit their children under the watchful eye of a stranger. The best course of action is generally to address the Court’s concerns and focus on how to best win a more favorable visitation plan moving forward. Helping Hands is here to provide comfortable and conflict-free visitation services by professionals who care.

Our Specialties:

  • High Conflict Cases
  • Physical/Sexual Abuse Allegations
  • Mental Health History
  • Reunification
  • Substance Abuse Cases
  • Abduction Concerns
  • Multilingual: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Punjabi 


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