We understand that the process can be confusing. Here are the things that we will need from you to get you started:

  • Parenting Plan and Court Documents Surrounding Visitation. Having the proper court documents on file ensure that the visiting parent will have access to the court ordered time. At times, there are certain restrictions surrounding visitation that Helping Hands will need to be aware of. As we strive to reduce our carbon footprint, the preferred method of return for documents is by email by PDF attachment. If you have an attorney, they will be able to send the documents directly to us for you upon your inquiry. 
  • Protection Order or No Contact Order. In the cases that these documents are present, Helping Hands will need to have copies on file in order to make arrangements for exchanges in a way that will follow what the court has indicated is necessary. The above discussed method of return of documents also applies. 
  • GAL Report and Copies of Evaluations. Although an intake is done with each of the parties to gain all necessary information as well as to better understand the situation, professional reports often give detailed insight into the situation, helping visit supervisors better understand the individual needs of the case. These copies are not necessary to start supervised visitation, however are requested if they exist. The above discussed method of return of documents also applies. 
  • Intake. The intake will consist of two parts. Firstly, both parties will need to submit an intake form giving general required information. After this information is submitted and reviewed, a phone intake will be held with both parties separately to gain clarification on intake submitted as well as to cover rules and regulation as well as protocol. Contact the agency directly to receive the intake packet.

After the intake process is completed in full, scheduling of visitation is commenced. The visiting parent is then able to contact the custodial party directly to find an agreed upon location, or allow Helping Hands to to deal with setting up the location if a no contact order exists. Helping Hands can also handle the setup of location without the existence of a no contact order, however please be aware that this may take longer. When suggesting locations for visitation, visiting parents are reminded to be mindful of the restrictions outlined in their court order as these will need to be followed. If either party has any questions, Helping Hands is here to help. Feel free to reach out for any clarification.