Client Testimonials

Helping Hands Visitation Services were involved in my visitation arrangements for over a year. Anastacia was courteous, understanding, and a tremendous help to me and my family. I highly recommend Helping Hands Visitation in any situation. Anastacia has the training, skills and communication to make supervised visitation feel like a natural situation.
— Phoenix (former client)
I have been at this business a long time (30 years as a psychologist and sex offense treatment specialist and 18 years as a family law attorney) and I have never seen such a complete and detailed report. I am sold on you and your agency and intend to use you in the future for all of my supervised visits needs. Exceptionally well done.
— Stuart Brown, Attorney at Law
Helping Hands Visitation Services helped me with my visitation situation. Anastacia is very professional, approachable, reliable and compassionate. She is not judgmental. When she is around, it doesn’t feel like she is a burden. My kids liked her as if she was family. She is very honest and accurate. I always received the reports timely, by email. She always responded to emails or text messages quickly. She is well respected and recognized by psychologists and lawyers. Simply, she is the best! I wish I had her from the beginning instead of the other supervisor I started with.
— Mohammed (former client)
As one can understand, beginning supervised visitation is a stressful and awkward time for both parents and children. Anastacia and her team did an excellent job of making everyone comfortable at each visit. She was always very responsive and accommodating with scheduling visits and always professional and kind. The reports that were provided were highly detailed and extremely helpful and did an excellent job of capturing parenting styles and how the children interacted. I want to thank Anastacia and her team for helping us all through this challenging time and highly recommend her and her services.
— James (former client)
Helping Hands Visitation made a very difficult time in my family’s life much easier. Anastacia and her staff were very compassionate and understood the difficulty of my situation. She was always very accommodating with my schedule. Her reporting was timely, very thorough and an integral part of a positive outcome for me. The interaction with my child was heartfelt and caring, you could really tell she has the children’s best interest at heart. I cannot say enough good things about Helping Hands, I want to sincerely thank Anastacia for helping my family through such a trying time. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who has a need for supervised visits.
— Patrick (former client)
Having used other supervised visitation services in a lengthy child custody matter, I can attest that Helping Hands Visitation Services is the best I have encountered and really creates a worry free experience out of what can be an uncomfortable situation. Helping Hands staff are always professional, on-time, and provide detailed and comprehensive summaries of the visits. I know with Helping Hands that my children are in secure hands and the visitation is properly supervised.
— Travis (former client)
As we are going through a custody case and used various child supervisors, Helping Hands was the most reliable, thorough and organized. I always feel at ease knowing our children are safe and in good hands with Helping Hands. They are always professional, approachable and the notes generated from each visitation are very well-detailed and precise. Helping Hands has made us feel at ease with their services and great relationship they have established with our children in a high-stress situation.
— Samantha (former client)
Anyone who should find themselves in the unfortunate situation of needing court ordered supervision services should look no further than Helping Hands. As the noncustodial parent, even I was amazed by the team at Helping Hands in how comfortable they made this painstaking process. From day one, I was assured that any and all worries and or concerns I had about a stranger having to watch me and my child interact would be made as painless for the both of us as much as possible. This promise was more than followed through on. The amount of time and detail that had been put into my case when dealing with issues such as exchanges, schedules, daily needs of the child and requests from each parent were unparalleled. I had only negative thoughts about having to be supervised while my child and I interacted. But from my first visit, to the last, 6 months later, my attitude had completely changed. The team really made sure that they were not an intrusion. Everyday was made to be just normal day with my child. The detail that I was seeing in daily reports,more than showed that this service is a very good thing for parents having to prove to the courts, weather or not they are a suitable parent. Leave the worry of false accusations, NCO, restraining orders, and unnecessary conflict behind. Let Helping Hands be the middle man. Ms. Fedina and her team at Helping Hands Visitation Services is the place to go to when looking for outstanding service.
— Jonathan (former client)
Anastacia Fedina is the only supervisor that I could recommend to you as a client. She is a straight shooter that has completely professional work ethic and extremely accurate and fair documentation of her supervised visits! she does not put her own opinions down but merely accounts for what has transpired at each visit, which is more than I can say for her competition. Sure she is not the cheapest in town, but her customer service as well as her reliability make her the only option as far as I am concerned. We had tried one of her competitors first who was cheaper and it was a total nightmare! I guess it is true that you definitely get what you pay for and she is worth every penny!
— Elizabeth (former client)
I had never used supervised visitation services before, and I was concerned about what the environment would be like for the children, as well as how everything would be documented. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I was amazed at how well the staff fit right into the family dynamic. This was great for the kids, and it allowed us to focus on spending quality time with each other. The documentation was absolutely accurate, and reports were always provided promptly. Anastacia was also very helpful with scheduling and resolving potential conflicts. If you are looking for a visitation supervisor, then look nowhere else. Anastacia and the team at Helping Hands are as good as it gets.
— John (former client)